"The team at film permits is absolutely invaluable. Their knowledge and relationships within the film industry have opened doors, expedited permits (that normally can't be rushed) and have saved my shoots countless times because of last minute location switches. Their professionalism and thoroughness can not be compared.  We'd be lost without them."

Joy Asbury,  Joy Asbury Productions

"Denise and her team are absolutely pivotal to our productions.  They know everything there is to know about LA and beyond and always make the permit pulling process seamless, efficient and an unexpected pleasure.  I can't imagine doing what we would do without Film Permits Unlimited and offer them my enthusiastic endorsement."

Steve Bauerfeind
Executive Producer
Bauerfeind Productions, Inc.

"Film Permits has been the go to service for all my permit needs since I've been in business.  Everyone there is knowledgeable and helpful."

Greg Broussard
Executive Producer

"Section 9 productions is a full service advertising production company based in Los Angeles specializing in automotive print campaigns including motion content.    We have worked with Film Permits Unlimited exclusively over the past 8 years because they are incredibly professional with decades of experience.   When I deal with them I know 100% everything will be handled.   From a production standpoint film permits are key to any successful shoot and having a solid professional company to work with has been paramount to our success.   I could not recommend them highly enough."

Gavin Harrison
Section 9

"Film Permits Unlimited -- Is the best one stop permitting service. In production, time matters -- Denise & crew know permitting -- they can help with bidding projects -- Permitting -- Police -- Barricades. I have been producing for 25 years they have never let me down -- Simply the best."

Michael Jackson, Location Manager

"I first learned about Film Permits Unlimited in 1993 when I was a photo assistant for car photographers.  Since then, they have always impressed me with their ability to work with different municipalities, state and Federal officials in procuring permits for us to produce what I would
have otherwise imagined impossible.  Today, almost 20 years later, they are still my first call when seeking logistical advice and for frequent reality checks while producing location jobs for our budget conscious clients."

Giovanni Jance

"Forty one years of industry relationships secure those impossible last minute permit changes without a hitch.  There is no other option."

Bill Lose
Location Scout/Manager

"Film Permits has never, ever let me down.  I can call 8 times a day with 80 questions and I get  quick, accurate & realistic answers that help me turn in an accurate budget, get production the shots they need and make me shine.  They're my database, my game planner and my problem solver.  Hands down, the best tool I have in my arsenal."

Chris Miller, Feature Location Manager.

"Permitting at it's best.  We can rely on them to have us covered anytime, anywhere.  What would we do without them!"

Producit Inc.

"Film Permits Unlimited has been my go to permit service for many years, since I finished my low-budget days when I had to do everything myself!  It's a comfort to know everything is being handled professionally, especially on these crazy last minute commercial requests!  It's also nice to be able to confidently tell a producer "no, that's never gonna happen," based on Film Permits Unlimited's years and years of experience. "

Jesse Rivard
Location Manager

"Wherever I am in the world, and here at home in L.A., Film Permits is the first call and last call for all my permitting needs.   Whether I need signatures in Pasadena, or a bon fire in L.A., a helicopter in Hilo or a parade in Kansas City, Film Permits is always right by my side, making miracles mundane."

John Rizzi
Location Scout/Manager

"For nearly 18 years,  Film Permits Unlimited has continuously been available to answer my questions and help with any situation that may arise during the permit process.   Because of their experience and long standing relationships with County, State, and various permit offices throughout Southern California and beyond, they have proven time and again the ability to navigate through the intricacies that in the end provide both a quality and timely service for my clients and myself."

Sharon Smith-Herring, Location Manager

"I first met Denise when she was typing a permit for me at the California Motion Picture Council, on an IBM Selectric.   Many years and thousands of permits later we are both still plugging away at it.   And she has never let me down - not even once."

Kristan Wagner
Location Manager
Local 399
Location Manager Guild