Permit Coordination
We will coordinate your film permit by phone or email. Our team of film permit experts will expedite a concise application, provide you with the necessary insurance and film permit requirements, solve any problems, keep you up to date of the process, and deliver the permit in a timely manner.

Online Permitting
Easy. Just fill out the online application form and away you go.

Budget Analysis and Timetable Analysis
Call us for a free estimate on film permit budgets and turnaround times.

Police Coordination
Coordination of LAPD, CHP, LA County Sheriffs or whatever your jurisdiction requires for your film permit.

Fire Department Coordination
Coordination of LAFD, LA County Fire Departments or whatever your jurisdiction requires for your film permit.

Posting of No Parking Signs
Professional posting of no parking signs for your trucks and equipment.

Location Frequency and Conditions.
Immediate answers to frequented and problematic film locations.

Free Permit Delivery
Doesn’t that say it all.

Notification and Letter Service
Professional drafting and distribution of notification letters for your film permit.

Signature Service
Incredibly successful signature surveyors’ for your film permit for those special needs locations.

Out of State Permitting
Yes we also make it easy to film everywhere. We have processed thousands of permits in California as well as the rest of the nation.

Jurisdictional Identification
Sometimes it’s tough to figure out what jurisdiction has right of way but one call to our office and you will know immediately.

Fast Turnaround
We will turnaround a film permit faster than any other service period. We make the impossible possible.